Indoor 30cm and 40cm Analogue Wall Clocks


Indoor Analogue Clock Range Specification:

Indoor analogue clocks 30cm / 40cm

Choice of 4 casing colours:

  • black
  • white
  • aluminium
  • chromium

3 dial models

  • Arabic numbers
  • notches
  • DIN

Available with 2 different dial diameters:

  •  300 mm (Viewing distance: 20m)
  • 400 mm (Viewing distance: 30m)

Display: hour/minute

Slim casing extra flate line with non-reflective protective glass

Black marking and black hands, white background

Technical features: Injected ABS case, IP 401.



  • Anti-Theft protection wall system bracket
  • Mounting option (brackets available for ceiling and wall mounting)


analogue clocks colours                analogue clocks digits


Indoor 30cm Specification Brochure

Indoor 40cm Specification Brochure